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crop initiative

We partner with smaller producers around us to not only to help them improve their practices and conserve our natural reserves so they can produce better coffee, but to provide them with the opportunity of entering the international market and sell their coffees at better prices.

We believe that unifying the coffee sector in the country will benefit all of us and will allow coffee to be a sustainable crop over time in this privileged area of our country. We also offer full traceability and transparency through this project.

social impact

Giving back to our community is at the heart of all our operations. We believe in uplifting and inspiring people.
During the last few years, we have worked diligently on improving our workers’ quality of life by building permanent and temporary housing with electricity and sewage systems and providing them with daily nutritious meals.

We have built a small multi-grade school with the aim to provide the permanent and seasonal children at the farms with quality education.