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Flor y nata

About flor y nata

Our Flor y Nata line offers the “cream of crop” of our large volume lots. These washed coffees
are composed of the finest cherries and go through a rigorous selection process that create
pristine lots of exceptional quality and elegance. Each of these beans is thoughtfully selected to
create a profile with the perfect balance in acidity and sweetness.

Sabio lab Cupping Profile
Crisp acidity and creamy body with notes of orange, red apple, tangerine, lychee, milk chocolate and caramel.

Sabio lab processing details
Right after picking, cherries are floated, depulped and fermented in open tanks for 36 hours. Then, floated again, washed with clean water, and dried on the patio for 1 days. Reposed for 10 weeks before hulling. Green coffee beans are stored in Ecotact bags to preserve their attributes.

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